Mr. Yoshihiko Kashino, a lawyer who was the director of a law firm where Mr. Komuro worked in Japan and has also supported study abroad, talked about his thoughts on the marriage of Mr. Komuro and Mako in an interview with the media for the first time. rice field.

Among them, Mr. Kushino recalled when Mr. Komuro first introduced Mako to a restaurant in Tokyo shortly after the announcement of the engagement offer four years ago. Mako felt like a mirror of a natural and well-educated woman. "

"Mr. Komuro, who is serious and sincere, was studying hard while living a humble life in New York, where prices are high, in order to respond to Mako's thoughts." I was studying at the library until the time it changed. "

"Mr. Komuro thought that it was his duty as a man to marry Mako to pass the bar examination and gain the trust of many people. He made a soft noise without returning to Japan once for three years. It never happened. I think that I was able to make such an effort because of the support of Mako, who was tied up with a strong bond. "

On the other hand, Mr. Kushino said, "I wanted many people to support the two young people who try to live in pure love even if they continue to be bashed in weekly magazines and SNS, but Mako eventually paid a lump sum. I had to choose the way to decline, "he said." Living in New York seems to be a one-room rental housing, and I feel like I can't afford it. "

On top of that, Mr. Kushino said, "I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on the fulfillment of the two long-standing wishes. I want you to spend your days. "