The fact that the instruction on covid restrictions is given personally by President Putin is a signal.

Alarming but necessary.

Taking into account how negligent we are about our own health and safety, how frankly we spit on the calls of doctors, how stubbornly we refuse to vaccinate, but at every corner we are screaming about our rights, forgetting about our responsibilities, the president took up the cause of saving our lives.


Because, unlike you and me, irresponsible and careless, he understands the scale of the catastrophe.

The fault of which is not even COVID-19, but ourselves.

Principally obstinate and skeptical unbelievers to the point of obscurantism.

At the same time, we all know what problems we have with demography.

We are all aware that now, as never before, the institution of motherhood is being systematically stimulated and all the country's resources are aimed at making us bigger and living longer.

And they were healthier.

But we ourselves, with our own hands, are reducing our population, making literally a royal gift to those who only dream of us dying before we have time to leave behind offspring.

Therefore, yes.

Vladimir Putin again has to take us by the scruff of the neck and literally pull us out of the grave into which we are driving ourselves.

And yes. A week without restaurants and parties is worth keeping us alive. And they are healthy. Because COVID-19 is by no means a wellness procedure and its consequences have a detrimental effect on our already not very good health.

Yes, now for those who value mythical Freedom more than anything else, Putin is bad. Because it does not allow the unvaccinated to visit crowded places and randomly spread the virus, which is deadly for the same unvaccinated, and also for children and the elderly. Yes, Putin is evil, because he limits you, the cowardly and the irresponsible, in the possibility of infecting and getting infected. Yes, Putin is a dictator, because he does not give you the chance to experience all the delights of being under a ventilator with the subsequent prospect of learning to breathe again. Provided that our doctors, who have been working in a state of emergency for the second year already, literally live at their place of work, will be able to get you out of the afterlife.

But you don't understand this.

Because they have never been in the "red zone".

You have not seen agony and death.

You have no idea how many people it takes to get one sick person to fill up the statistics not on the dead, but on the recovered.

You sit stupidly in your stupid chatik and, demonstrating an extreme degree of stupidity, deny the disease and the vaccine.

It seems to you that nothing bad will ever happen to you.

And this is your main delusion.

Which can cost you too much.

But it was precisely to prevent this from happening that Putin took action.

With regard to those who have long been vaccinated, and those who stubbornly do not want to do this.

However, yes.

For Vladimir Putin, we are all equally dear.

Therefore, such decisions were made.

Which are primarily aimed at saving those who continue to dull and persist.

And it’s for you and because of you the business is losing money.

And this is for you and because of you, the children went on unscheduled vacations.

And this is for you and because of you, the country bears huge financial costs aimed at combating the virus, which you do not want to be vaccinated against.

So yes, in many ways everything that is happening now is happening because of you and for your sake.

And therefore, it is you who bear the main responsibility for everything that you are now so actively criticizing.

I don't know if you will hear me.

But nobody will go on forever.

And sooner or later you, while continuing to persist in the issue of vaccination, alas, will face the disease.

Which, unlike the president, is least concerned with the matter of preserving your life and your own health, which now entirely depends on only one thing - the implementation of simple rules that you deliberately sabotage.

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