Husband and wife are greedy and lose "prevention"

Analysis of Lu Feng, Former Director of the Civil Air Defense Office of Deyang City, Sichuan Province, Serious Violation of Discipline and Acts

  Correspondent Yang Yujiang Lin Xie

  Lu Feng, male, Han nationality, born in January 1963, started working in August 1982, and joined the Communist Party of China in June 1991.

Served as Secretary of Deyang Municipal Government Office of Sichuan Province, Assistant Director of Deyang Reception Office, Deputy Director of Party History Research Office of Deyang Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Director of Deyang Municipal Government Liaison Office in Beijing, Director of Deyang Radio Management Committee Office, Deyang Economics Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Information Committee, Director of the Deyang Civil Air Defense Office.

  On August 27, 2020, the Deyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision filed a case for investigation and investigation of Lu Feng's suspected serious violations of discipline and law.

In February 2021, after studying at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Deyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and reporting to the Municipal Party Committee for approval, Lu Feng was given a sanction of expulsion from the party and public office, and his suspected crime was transferred to the procuratorial organ for review and prosecution in accordance with the law.

  In July 2021, the People's Procuratorate of Zhongjiang County, Deyang City filed a public prosecution with the People's Court of Zhongjiang County on Lu Feng's suspicion of bribery and abuse of power.

At present, the case is still being processed.

  Since March 2019, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Deyang City, Sichuan Province has successively received many clues about Lu Feng, director of the Municipal Civil Air Defense Office.

Subsequently, the investigators conducted a preliminary check on the relevant clues and talked to Lu Feng twice, asking him to truthfully explain the relevant issues.

  "In these two conversations, he was very uncooperative, avoiding the importance of the matter, and only explaining some issues that are not painful or irrelevant, or he said,'I don't know clearly' or I can't remember it,' and tried to deceive the organization." The investigator said. .

  In the face of Lu Feng's tough attitude, the task force on the one hand patiently and meticulously conducted ideological and political education on him, and on the other hand checked all the evidence one by one.

In the face of powerful policy appeals and ironclad evidence, Lu Feng finally changed his attitude and fully accounted for his violation of discipline and law.

  According to investigations, Lu Feng used his position as the director of the Deyang Civil Air Defense Office to accept other people’s property equivalent to more than 14.1 million yuan, causing economic losses of more than 40 million yuan to the country.

  "Unexpectedly, I did so many wrong things. I am ashamed of the organization and hate myself. I was really wrong." Lu Feng confessed.

However, when Lu Feng woke up, he was about to send himself into the bars.

According to the case handlers, Lu Feng was the first city and prefecture-level civil air defense department in Sichuan Province to carry out systematic management of outstanding problems in key industries.

  Misunderstanding that they have not been "reused" by the organization, lost their motivation to work, and began to think about their own "money path"

  Looking at Lu Feng's resume, it is not difficult to find that he was also a conscientious and good cadre at first.

He was born in Chongqing, and his work experience is basically in Deyang.

In 1984, Lu Feng entered the work of Deyang Municipal Government.

Without any family background, Lu Feng studied hard and worked hard. After several years of growth, he soon became an organization's training target. In 1991, he passed the organizational assessment and formally joined the Communist Party of China.

Since then, he has been more diligent, and has grown into a county-level leading cadre in the next step of organizational training.

  "In the past few years, Lu Feng has maintained a good work enthusiasm, always strictly demanding himself according to the standards of a Communist Party member. Especially in September 2002, his wife Zhang suffered a car accident and was killed in the line of duty. , His daughter just entered the second grade. Facing the grief of losing his wife and family pressure, Lu Feng still worked hard and fulfilled his duties." The case handler said.

  In 2003, shortly after Zhang's death, Lu Feng resolutely accepted the organization's arrangement to go out to work alone. Since he had no relatives in Deyang, he had to entrust his daughter to a friend to take care of him.

  "My daughter is very well-behaved and sensible. When she was taking care of my wife's funeral, she saw me bedridden. She cried and persuaded me:'Dad, don't be too sad, we are just out of luck.' Actually I know that my wife passed away suddenly. The most affected in the world is my daughter. I am full of guilt for her. Although it was difficult at that time, I did not stop working. Looking back at me at that time today, I still feel a bit proud.” Lu Feng Say.

  However, from the beginning of his tenure in the Deyang Civil Air Defense Office in 2012, he deviated from his original aspirations and gradually deviated from the right track.

  Lu Feng mentioned in his confession, “Before 2012, I had a clear goal and direction for my struggle. After the change of office in 2012, although I resolved the county level, I was transferred from the Economic and Information Commission to the Civil Air Defense Office. I fell from the first line to the third line, completely left the main line, and I was nearly 50 years old, and suddenly felt that I had lost my direction and my political future had come to an end. These thoughts also planted the bane of my violation of party discipline and national laws."

  Because he mistakenly believed that he had not been "reused" by the organization, Lu Feng, who had lost his motivation, was perfunctory at his work and let it go. In addition, he often faced all kinds of businessmen and bosses, and watched these desperate bosses enjoy the wealth and wealth easily. , Lu Feng's mentality was completely out of balance. After that, he set up a "small treasury" in his unit, and obtained unit funds by inflating advertising fees, conference fees and other methods for condolences to leaders, employees and reception matters, and he received management service targets. The gift money given, began to plan his own "money way."

  "I usually like to raise ornamental fish. Many bosses will give me some of them. I am familiar with fish species, but I have very poor knowledge of party discipline and national laws. I have never calmed down and studied carefully. I don’t understand the prohibition. Sexual regulations have gradually lost awe of discipline and law, leading to anomie of behavior.” Lu Feng said.

  As a leading cadre of a party member, Lu Feng was supposed to perform his duties strictly and perform his duties for the benefit of the party for the people, but he deviated from his vow to join the party, forgot his original intentions, did not fear party discipline and national laws, did not know how to constrain violations of discipline and law, and used his power. Seeking ill-gotten gains eventually slipped into the abyss of crimes.

  Indulge greed, take the initiative to "attack" and open the door to accept bribes

  In 2012, Sichuan’s new civil air defense relocation construction fee standard was promulgated, which stipulated that the air defense basement relocation construction fee of the three categories and key civil air defense cities in the province was adjusted from the original 10.5 yuan per square meter to 40 yuan per square meter.

For real estate development companies that are legally obliged to build air defense basements, whether they build them themselves or pay the fees and build them on behalf of the government, the civil air defense construction costs have become a large expenditure. Therefore, many business owners are how to avoid civil air defense The cost was aroused, and Lu Feng, then director of the Deyang Civil Air Defense Office, became the focus of these bosses.

  "Director Lu, I would like to ask you for help." In February 2012, Lu Feng, who had just taken office, welcomed his first "visitor"-Chen, the person in charge of a real estate company in Deyang.

Chen asked Lu Feng to help him waive the cost of relocation construction, and promised that there would be a lot of gratitude fees after the event was completed.

Lu Feng, who dealt with the request for the first time, did not make a clear statement on the spot.

This "research" is actually a fierce struggle between Lu Feng's inner party spirit and greed. In the end, Lu Feng failed to resist the temptation and hold the bottom line, and raised the white flag to the sugar-coated cannonball.

  Soon after, Chen found Lu Feng again with 100,000 yuan, and said that there would be other "thanks" in the future.

This time, Lu Feng accepted the 100,000 yuan without hesitation.

"What you promised before, why didn’t you follow?" After the matter was completed, when Chen did not mention the follow-up "thank you" for a long time, Lu Feng took the initiative to contact Chen to ask for it, and Chen had to invite Lu Feng to visit Hong Kong. And gave him a watch worth nearly 190,000 yuan.

  Since then, the news of "Director Lu is willing to help" spread wildly among the real estate companies in Deyang, and more and more real estate owners came to Lu Feng for help, and Lu Feng refused to come and tried every means to reduce free use for them. , And you will benefit from it.

  "There is a provision in the adjusted relocation construction fee standard that affordable housing construction projects can be exempted from relocation construction fees. Lu Feng used this provision to violently review and approve regulations to help some real estate companies evade the relocation construction fees that should be paid. "According to the case handlers, some real estate projects are the integration of commercial housing and affordable housing construction. Affordable housing can be exempted from relocation construction fees, while the commercial housing construction part is not included in this exemption. However, Lu Feng has all unified actions. Affordable housing is approved for exemption.

  In the face of business owners who "brought the wind", Lu Feng's appetite was getting bigger and bigger. From tens of thousands to millions of yuan, he "sucked" one by one, and even took the initiative to ask the other party for benefits.

  In order to seize the Deyang civil air defense equipment engineering market, Liu, the general manager of a special door industry limited liability company in Sichuan, approached Lu Feng to expand the company’s civil air defense equipment engineering market through him, and agreed with him to return 10% of the contract price.

From the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2019, Lu Feng recommended the company's civil air defense equipment engineering to many large-scale projects in Deyang, and received 5 times a total of 440,000 yuan in cash from Liu.

  In January 2014, Li, the person in charge of a real estate company in Deyang, approached Lu Feng for help. Lu Feng asked the other party for half of the normal payment as a "remuneration". In the end, Li transferred 1.2 million yuan to Lu Feng through a third party.

  Desire is hard to fill, once the gate of greed is opened, it is hard to close again.

After investigation, from 2012 to 2020, Lu Feng used his position as the director of the Deyang Civil Air Defense Office to facilitate or influence to build air-raid basements for 28 people including Chen, Ji, and Li in civil buildings. Approval and exemption of air-raid basements Provide assistance in relocation construction costs, civil air defense equipment and design company introduction business, and alone or in cooperation with his wife Shen (handled in another case) received a total of more than 14.1 million yuan worth of property from others.

  Those who are incorruptible are the manifestations of the people; those who are greedy are also the thief of the people.

As a Communist Party member, you must always remember that you are a public servant of the people and maintain your original intention of serving the people wholeheartedly; as a civil servant, and a leading cadre, you must do more to prevent corruption and become the people’s support. example.

Lu Feng relaxes his party spirit and abandons his original mission. When he encounters "hunting", he fails to resist the temptation, but instead indulges his greed, and eventually becomes a captive of money and a moth of the country.

  The family ethos is corrupt, and the wife is regarded as a "middleman" for collecting money, and he uses his own power and his wife’s social influence in the lawyer industry to collect money and act unscrupulously.

  For party members and leading cadres, "family style" is related to "political style", and "family test" is "big test".

To cultivate official morality for an official, to cultivate official morality on weekdays, and to focus on family style on weekdays.

On the other hand, Lu Feng's family ethos after the reorganization became a "bad trend". He became greedy for his family and corrupted because of his family. In the end, both husband and wife fell.

  Lu Feng and his current wife, Shen, are reorganizing the family. Shen is a partner in a law firm. Lu Feng is not righteous and takes the lead in corruption, and his wife Shen did not act as a good internal helper to stop Lu Feng from accepting money. Instead, he took part in it, using his legal expertise to exploit legal loopholes, evade legal sanctions, and work with Lu Feng to collect money.

  Chen XX, the person in charge of a real estate company in Deyang City, and Shen XX are business partners. Chen XX once approached Lu Feng, hoping that he could help exempt the company from relocation construction fees.

However, Lu Feng believed that the project was a purely commercial project, lacking policy support and too risky, so he did not agree to Chen's request.

Chen Moumou found Shen Moumou, and Shen Moumou responded very readily: "No problem."

  "Chen is very generous. He said that after the matter was completed, he would give us 1.5 million yuan." After returning home, Shen began to do Lu Feng's "work". Under her persuasion, Lu Feng agreed to Chen. So-and-so's request.

After that, Lu Feng charged the construction project according to the standard before the adjustment. This alone caused a huge loss of 3.59 million yuan to the country.

  As the anti-corruption efforts continued to increase, Shen heard many cases of party members and leading cadres being imprisoned due to corruption in her work. She worried that the matter would be revealed one day, so she discussed with Lu Feng that she would accept bribes. "Legalization" of money.

  "They first refunded the 1.5 million yuan received to Chen XX, and Chen XX signed a legal service contract with Shen, and repaid the'thank you fee' to Shen in the form of a lawyer's service fee. According to the person handling the case, Shen also "rinsed" other money obtained from bribery in the same way, and believed that it was "reasonable and legal" and seamless.

However, as Lu Feng's serious violation of discipline and law was reported by the briber, Shen's various tactics were finally exposed to the sun.

  On August 27, 2020, the Deyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision filed a case for investigation and investigation of Lu Feng's suspected serious violations of discipline and law.

On September 18, 2020, the Deyang Supervisory Committee decided to investigate the Lu Feng case and the Shen case together.

  "As a leading cadre of a party member, Lu Feng ignored his civil defense responsibilities, used his power to deal with power and money, his family style was corrupt, he regarded his wife as a'middleman' for collecting money, and used his own power and his wife Shen in the society of the lawyer industry. Influence together to gather money and be unscrupulous." The case handler said.

Lu Feng pursues money worship and advocating extravagant life. During the work of the Municipal Civil Air Defense Office, he acted arbitrarily, abused power, lax audits and checks at work, knowingly committed crimes, and severely neglected his duties, causing the failure of civil air defense and causing heavy losses to the country.

It is shocking and thought-provoking to survey the course of its corruption and degeneration.

  "I am a person who has violated party discipline and national laws and made serious mistakes. I am not loyal and honest with the party. I have forgotten my original intention and mission. I have violated the party's purpose. For decades, the party organization has cultivated me from an ordinary young man to a county. I failed her as a leading cadre as a party member.” During the detention period, Lu Feng recalled his corruption and degeneration and shed tears of remorse, but such repentance came too late, and he would pay a heavy price for his actions.