Cong policeman dreams of becoming a boss

  Our reporter Yan Xinwen Correspondent Ma Xiaoyan

  "In the past 30 years, I have participated in two large-scale anti-gang activities and I am very proud of my outstanding achievements in my work. Unexpectedly, in the third anti-gang campaign, I was also'swept away'. It has become a shame for the political and legal teams.” In court, Zheng Gaoxing, the former party secretary and director of the Haiyan County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in Zhejiang Province, regretted his actions.

On April 21, 2021, Zheng Gaoxing was sentenced to six years and six months of imprisonment for connivating triad organizations, accepting bribes, and perverting the law. He was fined 350,000 yuan and the illegal proceeds of withdrawal of 1.07 million yuan were confiscated in accordance with the law. , Turned over to the national treasury.

  "Zheng Gaoxing served as deputy director of the Haiyan County Public Security Bureau for many years. During his 23 years as a police officer, he has solved many major and important cases and won many honors. His corruption and degeneration are regrettable." The investigator said.

  In 1992, Zheng Gaoxing graduated from the police academy to work in a grassroots police station. With his outstanding performance, he has gradually grown from a grassroots policeman to a deputy director of the Haiyan County Public Security Bureau.

After that, he served as Party Secretary and Director of the County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau.

"When the power becomes stronger, some business owners will take the initiative to associate with me. I also feel airy, thinking that I have integrated into the circle of'business people'." Zheng Gaoxing said.

  In 2005, Zheng Gaoxing accompanied a boss friend to Hangzhou to see a house and buy a car. He was deeply shocked when he saw that the boss bought a mansion worth tens of millions of dollars. Once he bought a luxury car, he started with two cars. He was deeply shocked.

"I can still clearly remember that the sports car cost two to three hundred thousand yuan per wheel, and my annual income was only two to three thousand yuan. I think these bosses are not as good as me in terms of literacy, ability, and IQ. They are richer, freer, and more relaxed than I am. This makes me very dissatisfied and gradually loses my balance." Zheng Gaoxing said.

  Faith was lost and his heart was shaken. Zheng Gaoxing failed to resist the temptation. Instead, he indulged in sensuality and feasting amidst the bosses.

Greed grows like weeds, and Zheng Gaoxing's oath to join the police is also forgotten in the extravagant enjoyment. At this time, he has forgotten the party discipline and state laws, using power for personal gain, law enforcement and breaking the law, becoming the "protective umbrella" of evil forces.

  In September 2010, some people reported that underworld organizations headed by Shen XX opened casinos in Haiyan and used underworld forces to forcefully buy shares.

After receiving the report, Zheng Gaoxing, then the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, was so confident that he was ready to complete this big case and seek political achievements for himself. However, a call from a boss changed his mind.

"I have made a lot of profits by investing in this boss's company. I want to give him some face. Besides, if I settle this matter, there will be a lot of benefits." Zheng Gaoxing said.

Afterwards, Shen Moumou, who had escaped a catastrophe, gave Zheng Gaoxing a 100,000 yuan benefit fee.

  In this way, Zheng Gaoxing, blinded by greed, sinks deeper and deeper in the mire, and even has the dream of "being a boss and making a fortune".

  "I just set up a mining company, you can come to invest, I promise'stable profit without losing'." In 2011, a "friend" invited Zheng Gaoxing to invest in shares. Zheng Gaoxing was very moved after hearing this, and he borrowed from the boss Wang Moumou. 3 million yuan was used for investment.

"Wang Moumou had received Zheng Gaoxing's attention in a casino opening case and was dealt with lightly. When Zheng Gaoxing asked him to borrow money, he was very happy and did not mention any interest. Zheng Gaoxing just like this "empty glove white wolf", take Paying dividends with other people's money." The case handler said.

In 2016, Zheng Gaoxing borrowed 1.99 million yuan from Wang Moumou for investment.

"There is no free lunch in the world. I also understand that behind this deformed lending relationship is essentially a transaction of power and money." Zheng Gaoxing said.

  In order to realize his dream of being a boss, in April 2020, Zheng Gaoxing, then Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Haiyan County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, resigned from his public office and became an executive in a private company.

Unexpectedly, two months later, he was filed for review and investigation on suspicion of serious violations of discipline and law.

The "Boss Dream" ended up in a bubble, and it was only then that he realized that extravagant life is nothing but illusion, and plainness is true.

  "I embarked on the road of violating discipline and law. Three lessons are unforgettable: Don't become an official when you become an official, and don't become an official when you get rich; public officials must endure loneliness and poverty; party members and cadres must have a sense of awe and self-discipline. I really regret it, everyone should take me as a lesson." On November 30, 2020, Zheng Gaoxing was expelled from the party. Zheng Gaoxing, who signed the party discipline decision letter, was heartbroken and broke into tears.