Bavaria's ex-Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber (CSU), who has been vaccinated twice, has been infected with the corona virus.

"He is in quarantine at home and has very slight symptoms, but of course he stays at home for the time being," said the 80-year-old's spokesman on Tuesday evening, confirming the information in the Bild newspaper.

Every now and then Stoiber has to cough, and he also has a runny nose.

“He's doing well so far.” The day before, for example, Stoiber recorded a video laudation from home.

The infection was found in a test on Saturday, the spokesman reported.

"He is double vaccinated with AstraZeneca, that is the case of a breakthrough vaccination." Stoiber must remain in quarantine until the end of next week, so far nobody from his environment has been infected.

It is unclear where Stoiber was infected.

His spokesman said that he had several appointments with several participants.

"You can no longer trace it in retrospect." However, everyone involved, as well as the health department, were informed.