When Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée, the two founding members of the rock group La Femme, confide in each other, expect more WTF anecdotes than each other.

Their first tour?

She was not very comfortable: "Once, we had not washed for 4 days, it was really the Beyond Eco class, like you were sitting in the same seat for 4 days, what ..." He also happened to Marlon to talk… with pigs!

“I've had a bad trip with hallucinogenic mushrooms before.

I was in the mountains and I heard the wild boars and the pigs calling me.

I felt like I was turning into a pig, because I was actually throwing up and making pig noises at the same time.

It was horrible.


Metro stations, mushrooms, English accent, haircut… discover the whole truth about the La Femme group in the video of our partner Brut.

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