A study group for robots that automatically harvest chestnuts using AI = artificial intelligence, which Ibaraki Prefecture is developing, was held.

Ibaraki Prefecture is Japan's number one producer of chestnuts with a yield of about 3,800 tons in a national census last year, but with the aging of producers, improving the efficiency of the work of picking up fruits that have fallen to the ground has become an issue. increase.

Under these circumstances, Ibaraki Prefecture is developing a harvesting robot using AI together with a venture company in Saitama Prefecture, and on the 26th, a study group was held to have producers and others watch the work.

The robot can recognize the fruit and "Iga" captured by the built-in camera with AI and automatically move the arm to pick it up without damaging it.

I will pick up one at a pace of about once every two seconds, but sometimes I pick up "Iga" that does not contain fruit or I can not grasp it well, so I will improve it further while listening to the opinions of the producers. became.

The participating producers said, "As the population ages, mechanization of agricultural work is necessary, so I would like it to be put into practical use."

Makoto Hami, chief of the Ibaraki Prefecture Production Center Promotion Division, said, "I would like to do my best to develop the products so that they can enhance the functions required by producers."