A demonstration experiment to ease behavioral restrictions using a certificate of inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine began on the 25th at a restaurant in Minami, Osaka.

The demonstration experiment began at 12 restaurants in downtown Minami.

In Osaka Prefecture, the request for shortening business hours for restaurants was lifted from the 25th, but even at certified restaurants, the number of people who can sit at one table is 4 or less, and dinner will continue to be limited to about 2 hours. It has been requested.

On the other hand, if the store that was the subject of the experiment has been vaccinated twice or if the latest test confirms that it was negative, then dinner without such restrictions is permitted.

Of these, at the Kushikatsu store in Dotombori, we asked the visiting customers if their employees had a copy of the vaccination certificate, and explained that antigen testing could be done at a temporary laboratory nearby. ..

The demonstration experiment will be conducted until the 29th of this month, and Osaka Prefecture will verify a series of measures.

Katsuya Ueyama, the representative of the "Merchant's Association for Reconstructing Minami from Corona," said, "There is a risk for the store because it takes care of customers, but we have decided to cooperate in order to balance infection control and the economy. I want you to return to Minami in front of Corona, which is full of tourists, as soon as possible. "