China News Service, Kunming, October 25th (Reporter Miao Chao) Recently, the court of Menglian County, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province extended its trial functions, and conducted a public trial in Haidong Village, Manxin Town, by means of an "open court" circuit trial. For drug cases, villagers have a "zero distance" experience of the trial.

  Menglian County borders Myanmar and is adjacent to the "Golden Triangle" region. It is the frontier of China's drug control.

The anti-drug trial entered the village through court investigations, evidence collection, cross-examination, and court debates. The defendants Li Moujia and Li Mouyi were sentenced in court in accordance with the law in the drug trafficking case.

  The Menglian County Court sentenced the defendant Li Moujia to three years and six months in imprisonment and a fine of RMB 4,000; the defendant Li Mouyi was sentenced to two years and six months in imprisonment and a fine of RMB 3,000.

  During the deliberations of the collegiate panel in this trial, the Menglian County Court also used “bilingual judges” innovative propaganda methods, used Dai language to explain the law, set up a “two-way” bridge, held prize-winning quizzes, and aroused the enthusiasm of villagers to learn the law. , The on-site villagers actively participated, and the atmosphere was warm.