Coca-Cola is the world champion in plastic pollution.

This title was awarded to it by the NGO Break Free From Plastic, which collects waste every year from all over the world in order to establish a ranking of the most polluting companies, reports

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In total, Break Free From Plastic collected and identified 19,826 plastic waste (bottles or pieces of bottles) in 39 different countries in 2021. The majority belonged to Coca-Cola.

The number of plastic waste from this brand has continued to increase since the first report of this NGO three years ago.

Speech and reality

Break Free From Plastic collected 9,216 plastic waste associated with products marketed by Coca-Cola in 2018, 11,732 in 2019 and 13,834 in 2020. A finding far removed from the positioning of the company, which not only produces Coca-Cola, but also drinks from the Fanta, Sprite and Tropico brands.

"Environmental protection is a major priority," indicates the American group on its website.

In particular, we are committed to enabling the collection of all packaging of our products by 2025 so that they do not end up as litter or in the oceans.


Less than 60% of identified waste

The podium of this 2021 ranking made by Break Free From Plastic is completed by PepsiCo with 8,231 plastic waste and Unilever with 6,079 litter.

In total, the NGO collected 330,493 plastic waste but less than 60% could be associated with a brand.

"Multinationals like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Unilever claim to tackle the plastic crisis," denounced Emma Priestland, who works for the NGO.

But instead of leading the way, they keep investing in bogus solutions, while teaming up with oil companies to produce even more plastic.



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