The weather is getting colder and colder, but now the global energy market has entered an "eventful autumn", and China is inevitably affected.

The heating season in the north is about to start on a large scale, and the topic of energy supply is also heating up.

Jilin Songyuan: heating time in advance to ensure overtime work

  At 9 o'clock in the morning, the outdoor temperature in Songyuan, Jilin reached about 5°C.

In a community in Ningjiang District of Songyuan City, Ms. Zhang, who has retired at home, told reporters that this year, Songyuan City originally planned to start heating on October 20, but there were two snowfalls in the previous days, the temperature dropped sharply, and the heating was also A few days in advance.

  Ms. Zhang, a resident of Songyuan City, Jilin Province: The heating was turned on on October 16 this year, and sometimes it was above 24°C.

  In the community where Ms. Zhang lives, indoor heating is mainly provided by floor heating.

But considering that the children in the family are small and the room is located aside on the first floor, they also installed a radiator on the basis of the floor heating during the decoration of the house.

  Due to the advancement of heat supply, work such as repairing heating pipes and adjusting the temperature between buildings has also been advanced.

In recent days, it has become the busiest time of the year for maintenance workers.

  Fang Wei, leader of a maintenance team of a heating company in Songyuan City, Jilin Province: I have been very busy recently.

In our initial stage, the most important thing is to balance the heat. Because the community is large and the heating network is large, the heat is basically adjusted to balance, that is, the temperature of each building is the same.

Heating companies lose money and "grab" coal and fuel energy are becoming increasingly diversified

  The reporter learned during the interview that this year's heating season is different from previous years, and the operating and supply pressure of heating companies is extremely high.

Where does the pressure come from?

  In a main heating plant in Songyuan, Jilin, five boilers are centrally heating 4.4 million square meters and 40,000 households in the area.

The daily coal consumption will reach about 700 tons.

How to get enough coal has become a problem for the heating plant.

  Zheng Fan, General Manager of Songyuan Heating Company in Jilin Province: The supply of coal is very difficult.

In previous years, the coal piles were sealed up at this time, and they were all full.

Now there are Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang provinces. If you see coal, you have to "grab" it. If you have money, you can't buy coal.

They all sent people out and squatted in the mine, and sent three people to watch the coal.

  Zheng Fan told reporters that the existing 73,000 tons of coal in the coal yard will only be enough to burn until December, and the heating season will last until early April next year, and there will be a coal shortage for more than three months.

Recently, with the help of governments at all levels, the coal shortage has eased, but the high coal prices have really worried him.

  Zheng Fan, general manager of Songyuan Heating Company in Jilin Province: The price of coal should now be doubled compared to last year at market prices.

The entire company consumes 800,000 tons of coal. This year's coal price is close to 900 million yuan, but the heating fee is 500 million yuan, and I am losing 400 million yuan when buying coal.

Even if you lose it, you must ensure that the people are heated.

  At present, Jilin Province is accelerating the adjustment of heating energy structure. More biomass cogeneration and geothermal clean energy make heating energy more diversified.

In Changchun City, a thermal power plant uses straw as fuel to generate heat. It started to provide central heating for 13,000 local residents last year.

  In another elderly health care center, ground source heat pump technology is used to extract underground heat, which can meet the heating demand of 30,000 square meters.

 Strengthen scheduling to ensure that the heating energy gap is gradually alleviated

  In the near future, all efforts to ensure the production and transportation of coal for heating and the gas for heating in key northern areas have become the focus of governments at all levels.

So, what is the overall heating situation in the country in winter?

What are the guarantee measures?

  Statistics show that the heating area in cities and towns of Jilin Province is 817 million square meters, and there is a large demand for coal.

The source of Jilin's coal is mainly outside the province, so it is obviously affected by the tight supply.

  Gan Maodong, Director of the Urban Construction Division of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jilin Province: At present, we have reserved 5.17 million tons of coal for boiler heating, but compared with normal years, the reserves are 20% lower than the same period.

  From a national perspective, in 2020, the national urban central heating area has reached 9.882 billion square meters, and the three northeastern provinces accounted for 2.830 billion square meters. The demand for heating is increasing year by year, and the demand for energy is large.

At present, with the efforts of various parties, all regions have strengthened the daily scheduling of coal reserves of heating enterprises, and the coal supply gap is narrowing.

  Gan Maodong, Director of the Urban Construction Division of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jilin Province: The coal shortage for heating boilers in Jilin has been reduced from 5 million tons at the end of September to 4.2 million tons. Coal supply is gradually increasing and gradually alleviating.

Our local governments have also established emergency reserves to ensure the supply of energy and continue to supply them to keep the people warm through the winter.

  At the same time, in the recent period, the national heating coal and gas guarantee capacity has also been comprehensively improved.

Recently, China's daily coal output has stabilized at more than 11.2 million tons, the highest since February this year.

As of October 11, the central enterprise Northeast Power Plant's coal inventory increased by 28% compared to September 27, and the average available days of coal inventory increased by 44%.

In terms of natural gas, production and imports from January to September also achieved year-on-year growth.

  Zhao Chenxin, Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission: To ensure the use of coal for power generation and heating, and to continue to organize coal companies and coal power companies to sign a number of medium and long-term contracts to achieve full coverage of medium and long-term coal contracts for power generation.

From the perspective of natural gas reserves, the country can form more than 27 billion cubic meters of gas storage before the heating season.

At present, some large gas storages have basically completed gas injection, which has laid a solid foundation for ensuring supply in winter.

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