(Fighting against new crown pneumonia) Lanzhou also has "northwest pride" under the "epidemic"

  China News Service, Lanzhou, October 24 (Reporter Feng Zhijun) Lanzhou has become the focus of attention due to the recent increase in the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia.

At the same time, it also demonstrates the city's "northwest pride".

On the morning of October 21, a student in Lanzhou City was doing a nucleic acid test.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Gao Zhan

  Since October 17th, the new round of new crown epidemic spread chain triggered by the "Northwest Tour Group" has expanded to many provinces and regions. Among them, Gansu, which had no new cases for more than 560 days, became the most severely affected area until the 24th. There have been 41 local confirmed cases, 30 of which are concentrated in Lanzhou, the provincial capital with a permanent population of more than 4.35 million.

  Relevant communities are closed, primary and secondary schools are closed, all scenic spots and theaters are closed, all performances and exhibitions are cancelled, and nucleic acid tests are cancelled all night... Regarding this epidemic, whether Lanzhou can tide over the difficulties has attracted considerable attention.

  A reporter from China News Agency observed that since the outbreak, all walks of life have made concerted efforts to secure the "fence" of the epidemic, while the local people have effectively cooperated and supported the official fight against the epidemic.

  According to incomplete statistics, more than 10,000 student volunteers have signed up for the competition in the four universities in Lanzhou.

  Faced with online questions such as "Should retired old couples in Shanghai take responsibility for the spread of this epidemic?", local netizens in Lanzhou showed general tolerance and believed that "they who are the same victims should not be harmed again." .

  Although Lanzhou ranks lower in the Mainland in terms of economic strength, its medical resources are not lacking. Lanzhou undertakes the treatment of imported cases abroad and is also one of the few new crown vaccine production bases in the country.

  A Lanzhou media person said that Lanzhou has accumulated a wealth of experience in fighting the epidemic by supporting Wuhan, fighting the local epidemic, and taking inbound flights.