The story of their welcome in Montpellier on October 14, after 50 days of intense diplomatic negotiations, had been the subject of wide media coverage.

At the end of August, the former mayor of the city of Ghazni, in Afghanistan, contacted the town hall of Montpellier on general messaging.

A city that had made him an honorary citizen 18 years earlier.

After fifty days of negotiations, in particular with the Taliban, this family had been recovered in Skopje, Macedonia, via the plane chartered by the handball players of the MHB who were playing a Champions League match there.

"Collect the solidarity gestures of the population"

The Montpellier town hall announced the opening of a kitty in order to “collect the gestures of solidarity of the people of Montpellier (…).

These donations will be used to finance accommodation for people, as well as overall support allowing them to reintegrate as well as possible: psychological support, help with resuming studies and professional reintegration, help in learning French, etc. .


Information is available from CCAS Montpellier.


Montpellier: The incredible rescue of an Afghan family, exfiltrated in France via the plane of the handball players of the MHB


Montpellier: "In a terrible moment, we were taken by the hand", thanks the former Afghan elected representative saved by the city

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