Édouard de Pomiane's recipes for life and cuisine: a happy blend of good humor and humanity

Édouard de Pomiane.

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At the same time, doctor, cook, radio host, bon vivant and lover of life, Édouard de Pomiane has combined his two passions all his life: gastronomy and science to the point, moreover, of playing with this double face. calling himself for the doctor Édouard Pozerski and Édouard de Pomiane for the gastronome.


Born in 1875, in Paris, rue des Abbesses, at the foot of Montmartre to Polish parents who had taken refuge in France, Édouard Pozerski de Pomiane gave family cooking the letters of nobility that the gastronome hesitated to give it: the fire of everyday life and of love that make a trivial dish, a beautiful and large dish. First presenter of a cooking show on the radio, the doctor made an appointment every week at 8 p.m. for a recipe that looked like a story, told with humor and good humor, widely commented and applauded by listeners, by mail.

Curious traveler, athlete (he does boxing and cycling), violinist, painter, Polish by roots and souls, Édouard de Pomiane - the cook - has written twenty books, reflections of his time and extraordinarily avant-garde : from "Eating well for living well", published in 1922, to the kitchen in 10 minutes in 1930, cooking and restriction during the Second World War, 365 menus, 365 recipes, Édouard de Pomiane introduced himself as a friend putting, at the service of all, his knowledge, his experience his philosophy of life and a century later we thank him!

Édouard de Pomiane serving himself a coffee.

© Private collection of Hélène de Tovar


- Laurent Séminel

, publisher, founder of

Menu Fretin

which republishes Édouard de Pomiane, in particular the very beautiful box set of chronicles made on the radio each week between 1923 and 1929 on radio Paris.

Radio Cuisine and

Édouard de Pomiane, humanist, modern table

Yves Camdeborde

, chef, inventor of “Bistronomie” or tasty gastronomy at an accessible bistro.

The site

Benoît Renard and Hélène de Tovar,

two of Édouard de Pomiane's grandchildren.

"I see you ladies and gentlemen: some smile, others frown and accuse me of speaking too fast!"

Impossible to take notes!

Excuse me, I am only allowed to speak for 9 minutes, and I have so much to tell you!

I would like each of my words to tell you all the affection I have for the immense community of my listeners.

These nine minutes are overflowing minutes in which I would like to show you that cooking is a subtle art, an exact science, all that is most sacred in our family and national traditions. ”


 Radio cuisine in extracts to listen to and savor


 The complete bibliography of Édouard de Pomiane


 Pomiane on France Culture dans la Fabrique de l'histoire

 : documentary by Olivier Chaumelle, in the series on the history of cooking

- Practical Gastronomy,

by Henri Babinski alias Ali Bab, great friend with his brother the neurologist Joseph, by Édouard de Pomiane

- Archives Ina

- To watch for pleasure: Ginette Mathiot evoking on her book

À table avec Pomiane

, during the program "Apostrophes" by Bernard Pivot on the new kitchen


At the table with Pomiane

, by Ginette Mathiot


Cooking with Pomiane

, by Elizabeth Davis.



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Musical programming

- Noël Chiboust and his orchestra

- Manu Dibango.


Around the sweet pepper, a Basque omelette and stuffed peppers.

From “Radio Cuisine, tome 2, by Édouard de Pomiane, Menu Fretin editions.

Basque omelette and stuffed peppers recipe, by Édouard de Pomiane, from "Radio Cuisine, tome 2".

© Éditions Menu Fretin


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