The "Dakahlia bride" was slaughtered 72 hours after her wedding, and the husband accused the "jinn"

A heinous crime shook the Dakahlia Governorate in Egypt, where a slain and dismembered bride was found only 72 hours after her wedding.

The Egyptian "Sada Al-Balad" website said that a great mystery and ambiguity surround the crime, which the criminal investigation services and the Public Prosecution are still gathering their clues to uncover its circumstances.

He added that the search services hope that the condition of the bride who is in a coma in the intensive care room will improve, as she is the only one who has seen the perpetrator and knows his identity.

The website stated that the husband quickly sought the assistance of his family and his wife's family, and they transferred her to Al-Gamaliya Hospital, but due to the seriousness of her condition, the doctors referred her to the Emergency University Hospital in Mansoura. 

A medical source said that the injured bride arrived at the hospital in a critical condition with stab wounds in the trachea, and in separate parts of the body, chest and abdomen, and cut the arteries of the left hand, stressing that she needed a major surgical intervention.

By questioning the husband, he stated that he discovered that his wife was complaining of “tightness and suffocation” and claimed that she was possessed by the jinn, adding that when he presented her condition to the parents and relatives, a number of them advised him to resort to a sheikh to get the jinn out of her, because she suffers from a state of panic and fear.

She told him that she feels restricted by people and there are people inside the apartment who are talking to her, and she hears their voices and cannot move, so he hurried out of his house, to come to one of the sheikhs to read the Qur'an to her because she might be "clothed by the jinn".

As soon as the husband went to one of the sheikhs, he took him to the house and was surprised by screaming and wailing to find that his wife had been slaughtered by the neck and her arteries had been cut, and blood was flowing from her, so he immediately transferred her to Al Jamaliah Hospital.

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