The investigation into the death of a director of photography in the United States, killed by a shot by Alec Baldwin during the filming of a western, continued on Saturday.

Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altwies had said the day before in a statement "not to know" at this stage of the investigation if "prosecution would be initiated".

However, tension seemed to reign on the set before the fatal accident.

According to


, six members of the film's technical team had left the set several hours before the drama to protest against their working conditions.

Separately, the

Los Angeles Times

reports that two other accidental shots were fired last Saturday by Alec Baldwin's stunt double.

A member of the production, alarmed, then sent an SMS to one of the people in charge of the filming.

“We have now had three accidental discharges.

It's super dangerous, ”he wrote according to a copy of the post reviewed by The



"That bastard assistant director ... He's supposed to check guns"

A phone call, made by a woman member of the film crew to 911, the emergency number of the rescue services, also seems to confirm the existence of tensions on the set.

Asked by the 911 operator about the presence of live ammunition in the weapon, this unidentified woman replied, according to the recording made public: "I can't tell you ... And this bastard assistant director who m 'shouted at lunch, (…) he's supposed to check the guns, he's responsible for what happens on set.


"While we have not been made aware of any official complaints regarding the safety of guns or props on set, we will be conducting an internal review of our procedures while production is down," Rust Movie Productions said in a statement.


What we know about Alec Baldwin's fatal shooting on the set of a movie


Alec Baldwin "devastated" after fatal shot during filming

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