The sightseeing train "SL Yamaguchi" running on the JR Yamaguchi Line was operated for the first time, and the departure ceremony was held.

The "SL Yamaguchi" is a JR sightseeing train that runs between Shin-Yamaguchi Station in Yamaguchi City and Tsuwano Station in Shimane Prefecture. It was operated.

A commemorative ceremony was held at Shin-Yamaguchi Station, and Atsushi Taue, chairman of the local council, said, "I want you to experience the charm of Yamaguchi, which is rich in nature, on a train trip and enjoy it to your heart's content."

In addition to passengers, many families and railroad fans visited the platform of the station to see the train that had been running for a long time, and waved off the "SL Yamaguchi" that departed with a big whistle.

A man in his thirties who visited with his family said, "I came here for the first time because my child loves trains. I'm glad I came because I was happy to see the steam rising."

The "SL Yamaguchi" is scheduled to operate once every Saturday and Sunday until December 19th.