As the autumn frost descends, the golden sway along the Tarim River stretches across the horizon.

Populus euphratica ushered in a splendid moment of the year.

  Populus euphratica forest is the most widely distributed tree species in Xinjiang. According to data, apart from the Qaidam Basin, Hexi Corridor, and Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, there are a small number of Populus euphratica forests on both banks of rivers that flow into the desert. Around the Taklimakan Desert in southern Xinjiang.

A large area of ​​Populus euphratica forest merges with rivers, Gobi, Lvzhou, sand lakes, ancient roads and deserts, stretching for hundreds of miles, which is magnificent.

(Produced by Yang Tao and Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]