A sumo tournament for elementary school students, "Wanpaku Sumo," was held in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, and children engaged in heated efforts after undergoing an antigen test for the new coronavirus.

In Sumida Ward, where the Kokugikan of both countries are located, the sumo tournament "Wanpaku Sumo" for elementary school students has been held for about 40 years, but it was canceled last year due to the influence of the new corona.

This year's event was held for the first time in two years as the infection situation improved, and about 130 elementary school students participated.

This time, on the day of the event, it was a condition of participation to have an antigen test at the venue to confirm the negative, and the children entered the ring after receiving the test result written as "negative".

In the third grade of elementary school, there was a heated effort by collaborating with the other party and pushing strongly, and when the game was over, a big applause was sent.

The winning third-year boy said, "I'm happy. I'm glad it was held today because other sumo tournaments have been canceled in Corona."

Mr. Toru Nishizuka, director of the Sumida Ward Health Center, who cooperated with the inspection, said, "In the future, it will be necessary to balance infection control and local liveliness. We will continue to cooperate with the inspection so that local events can be held with peace of mind. I want to. "

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