(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Hohhot City reports 2 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia

  China News Service, Hohhot, October 23 (Reporter Zhang Wei) On the 23rd, the Hohhot City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice stating that on October 23, 2021, Hohhot City reported 2 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia .

  Case 1, Sui Moumou, male; Case 2, Duan Moumou, female, the two are husband and wife, and have been working and living in Wuwei City, Gansu Province from March 2021 to October 15th.

  The two couples took train K42/43 from Gansu Wuwei Station at 18:00 on October 15th (Carriage No. 28 on the lower berth and No. 29 on the upper berth), and arrived at Hohhot East Station at 9:15 on October 16, next door 9. Passenger Ai Moumou in Car No. 1 is a confirmed case reported by Yinchuan City on October 18.

After the two got out of the station, they took a taxi back to their wife and sister's home in the Huaqiao Xincun Community, Xincheng District.

At noon, go to the Sanjiangyuan live fish grill shop in Victory Joy Plaza, then shop at Joy Plaza TGP store, buy flowers at the Aoying Flower Market, and buy fruits at the Yuehui convenience store in the community.

  On October 17, take the subway from Genghis Khan Park Station to Zhongshan Road Station at 11:03, buy glasses at Hengdeli Optical Store (National Shopping Mall), and go to the 2nd floor of Victory Times City, Victory Villehui Supermarket (Hai Liangdian) shopping.

Then take Metro Line 2 back to the home of his wife and sister in Huaqiao New Village.

  On October 18, Sui first went to the Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital to register at Window 18, and Duan took a taxi to the Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital at about 9:00 to enter the obstetrics No. 10 clinic for treatment, and then performed ultrasound on the first floor. Check and pay at the window.

Then the two took a taxi back to their wife and sister's home in Huaqiao New Village.

We met Sui Moumou's friend Tian Moumou in the downstairs of No. 5. In the afternoon, Sui Moumou couple, Sui Moumou wife and sister, Tian Moumou took a taxi to Jiutian Black Bull Barbecue Restaurant (Liyuan Store) for dinner, 13: 50 check out and go home.

Around 19:00, Sui and Tian took a taxi back to the Bishuilanshan community in Tuzuoqi, and went home after shopping in nearby shops.

  On October 19, Sui took a taxi to the Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital at 7:00, and Duan and his sister took a taxi to the Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital for treatment. At 8:12, they went directly to the second floor of the outpatient clinic for blood collection and electrocardiogram, and then returned. Sui XX's wife and sister's house in Huaqiao New Village, took a taxi back to Bishuilanshan Community at 12:00.

Go home at noon after a meal with stewed noodles and stewed vegetables.

  At around 7:45 on October 20th, Sui and Tian went to the east gate of Bishuilanshan Community Jiangnan Baoziwang to buy buns.

15:52 Sui Moumou, Sui Moumou's wife and sister, and Tian Moumou went to Zhang Liang Mala Tang at the east gate of the community to eat.

At around 17:30, Sui Moumou went home and went home without going out after shopping at the Fruit Supermarket next to the Menghua International Hotel.

  On October 21, Duan XX went to the Xiaopang Fruit and Vegetable Supermarket in Bishuilanshan District to buy vegetables and had lunch at home.

Sui XX went shopping for Xinyu plumbing and building materials near the south gate of Bishuilanshan Community at around 19:00.

  On October 22, Sui and his wife took a taxi and arrived at the Inner Mongolia Maternity and Child Health Hospital at 9:11 for a birth check, and then took a taxi home.

From 14:40 to 14:55, Sui XX walked to the North Region Pharmacy near Bishuilanshan Community to buy medicine.

Walk the dog in the community after 21:00, and then stay at home without going out.


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