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Hayedo de Montejo


are sold out every fortnight like a rock concert at the WiZink Center.

Those beech and oak trees in the foothills of the

Sierra del Rincón

are superstars with a fan club and a waiting list in the fall.

Luckily for the people of Madrid, the region has no shortage of

forests to get lost in

at least for a few hours.

No activities to discover them with new eyes.

Meditation in Montejo de la Sierra


This is what Raquel Poblete proposes, a neighbor for twenty years of this mountain range in the northwest of the Community, still unknown by many despite being a

Biosphere Reserve

. Every fortnight, this yoga teacher takes



among the "cozy silence" provided by the birches, oaks and rowan trees of the

dehesa de Montejo de la Sierra.

"It is a slow and silent walk along the river bank," explains Raquel, "to connect with ourselves and the whole environment, which in autumn is spectacular."

Along the way, he stops in a meadow to stretch and "shed the tensions that we carry on our backs." The guide encourages you to breathe deeply. When you reach a pond, the vibrational concert begins. More information: @yogadelaluna

Photo walk in La Herrería



Luis Ceballos Arboretum

, with more than 250 different species of native trees and shrubs, is a mandatory stop to soak up forest culture. The center of Mount Abantos organizes endless activities, including a photographic trail (November 13) through the La Herrería forest, with stunning views

of the El Escorial Monastery

. This is a very unique forest that, having a Royal protection, has maintained an amazing biodiversity. "Oak trees, ash trees, Montpellier maples" ..., lists Gabriel Saiz, coordinator of the Arboretum. Also many

floral courtship


that fill with fruit in autumn.

Camera (or mobile) in hand, the tour aims to take pictures of living beings that you find in your path and then upload them to an app with your data and geolocation.

"We put our eyes at the disposal of science."

Saiz explains.

"Once the experts identify it, sometimes in a few minutes, sometimes in days, they send you an email with the result."

More information on the phone: 91 898 21 32.

Botanical excursion in Canencia


Inappropriate of these altitudes, the Canencia birch is a rare bird in the Guadarrama mountain range, but this route is a classic of hiking, especially in autumn.

Botanical diversity

is united

with landmarks such as the chorrera where the water of

the Sestil stream


and some of the most spectacular viewpoints in the Sierra de Madrid. Although it can be done on your own, the Andara Rutas agency, specialized in hiking, organizes outings with certified mountain guides that depart from Atocha. The birch grove, with its silvery trunks, is easily identifiable. Just in case, there are posters with all the tree species. Juan Manuel Soria, director of the agency, assures that all the botany is exceptional in this area: from the dense pine and oak groves to the

yews, holly and boxwood


The 12 km trail has a medium-low difficulty.

More information at andararutas.com

Route of the chestnut grove of Rozas de Puerto Real


Among the variety of ecosystems of the Sierra Oeste, one of the lesser-known jewels is perhaps the chestnut forest that grows in

Rozas de Puerto Real

, which is located in the Special Bird Protection Zone (ZEPA) and Special Conservation Zone ( ZEC). To explore it in full splendor of colors, the El Águila environmental education center proposes a leisurely walk of about two hours (November 9) through this place where

centuries-old trees


, some of them classified as unique. Hence, it is necessary to "be extremely careful not to step on its roots," recalls Cristina Ruiz, coordinator of the center. Another very popular activity in the station is the

mycological path

(November 20).

"Experts often say that if each season you learn to identify a species well, you can be satisfied."

Well, this is a good opportunity because the day includes a

technical part

that is taught in an outdoor classroom and a field trip to recognize (without collecting!) Those boletus.

More information on the phone: 91 865 20 98

Forest baths in Rascafría


Autumn is insurmountable to sharpen the senses and the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is its great ally. Alicia Andrés, official forest bathing guide with the Forest Therapy Institute (FTI), knows this well, who collaborates with the Rascafría city council with this sensory proposal full of benefits that numerous studies support. It is not about hugging trees, but about an

immersive walk in nature

of about 1.5 kilometers during which the guide proposes actions aimed at

sensory awakening

. "We want to allow ourselves to be amazed. Stop in little things and acquire habits of observing nature," explains Alicia. The experience takes place in the area of

Las Presillas del Río Lozoya

where the leaves are dressed in ocher colors and the fungi, mushrooms and lichens give off a very particular aroma in the season.

"It gives us a lot of play to deepen our sense of smell. Overall, it is a different look at the forest than usual. And that changes the experience in nature."

More information at www.bosqueatraves.com and on the Rascafría town hall website www.rascafria.org

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