China News Service, October 22. According to the official Weibo news of "Shenyang Release", the gas explosion at the intersection of Nanqima Road, Taiyuan South Street, Heping District, Shenyang City has more than 36 hours, and on-site rescue has not stopped for a moment.

By 19:00 on the 22nd, the search and rescue mission was basically completed.

  At present, the accident has caused 5 deaths; 3 severely injured people have been carefully treated, 2 have become mild, and the other severely ill are in stable condition.

The on-site staff visited the accident area door by door, and formed a five-person security team to carefully resettle the masses.

Among the 36 resettlement hotels, 11 hotels have been opened to accommodate 1,512 people, and the victims of the disaster are emotionally stable.

  In order to restore the normal life of the masses as soon as possible, the relevant departments are rushing to investigate and repair water supply, power supply and other facilities. At present, all 10 out of service pump houses have resumed operation, and more than 8,000 water supply households have been restored. 14,740 households outside the accident area have restored power supply.

In order to ensure the smooth and orderly rescue passages, the public security traffic police department specially issued traffic route reminders to remind drivers to avoid rescue passages as much as possible and give way to rescue vehicles.

  In addition, while in-depth investigation of the cause of the accident, a special investigation and remediation action for hidden gas safety hazards in Shenyang has been fully launched.

Heping District has organized a special organization to conduct safety assessments of damaged buildings in the accident area, and to detect the impact of buildings outside the accident area to prevent secondary disasters.

Screenshot of "Shenyang Release" official Weibo

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