It was time.

Translating an announcement by Emmanuel Macron at the end of September in favor of mental health, the National Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Friday evening for the health insurance to cover eight sessions with the psychologist from the beginning of 2022.

"The pandemic has revealed the importance of the subject," said the Head of State, presenting his plan for mental health, which also provides for the creation of posts in medico-psychological centers and support for research.

For children from 3 years of age and adults suffering from depressive or anxiety disorders, of mild to moderate intensity, eight consultations with a liberal psychologist are planned.

"Volunteer psychologists will be selected" and "the government will ensure that the distribution is as equitable as possible on the territory", said Minister Brigitte Bourguignon before the deputies who examine the draft budget 2022 of the Social Security.

Prescription required

The fees for these consultations will be 40 euros for the first debriefing session, 30 euros for the following ones, with no excess fees authorized.

The patient must have been referred to the psychologist on medical prescription.

"The consultation with the profession continues" on the modalities of implementation, specified the Minister, who underlined that these consultations could constitute only one part of their activity.

This device "will make it possible to simplify the patient journey while facilitating financial access to this care", she welcomed, welcoming "a major step forward for the improvement of the mental health of our fellow citizens".

The planned budget is EUR 50 million for next year.

The deputies voted for the measure by 54 votes to 2, the elected LRs being divided.

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