China News Service, Taizhou, October 22 (Fan Yubin, Ma Shilong, Li Wentian) The reporter learned from the Zhejiang Taizhou Coastal Police Bureau on the 22nd that the bureau and the Wenling City Public Security Bureau have carried out a criminal gang of refined oil smuggling that has been entrenched in Ruoshan and Shitang areas for a long time. After closing the net, 8 criminal suspects were arrested in one fell swoop, 2 oil tankers suspected of smuggling, 4 vehicles for the crime, more than 70 tons of refined oil, and more than 1.3 million yuan in cash were seized.

  In October 2021, during daily patrols, the Wenling Workstation of the Taizhou Coastal Police Department discovered that a fishing vessel of Liaoning nationality had illegally modified its oil tanks, fuel gauges, and oil pipes.

  After careful investigation and mastering of the law of crimes committed at sea, the Taizhou Coastal Police Bureau and Wenling City Public Security Bureau conducted in-depth investigations of key personnel of the gang’s land command and transactions, and recently launched a net-closing operation in the Wenling Ruoshan waters.

  At present, the Taizhou Coastal Police Bureau has opened a case for investigation of the smuggling gang.

  It is understood that the smuggling group originally entered the public eye as a maritime rescue team. Driven by the huge benefits of maritime smuggling, it engaged in illegal maritime smuggling activities with the intent of smuggling refined oil products in the form of “ant moving”. Extraordinary".

  The relevant person in charge of the Taizhou Coastal Police Bureau stated that the Taizhou Coastal Police Bureau will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation and resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal smuggling.


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