A former director of a university arrested in a case of rebuilding a hospital attached to Nihon University leaked more than 200 million yen to a medical corporation in Osaka, and then pretended to be an unrealistic real estate-related payment. Through interviews with related parties, it was found that there was a suspicion that a part of the funds was actually returned and 25 million yen was obtained.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office is working to clarify the actual situation regarding the uncertain flow of funds.

Tadao Inoguchi (64), who was a director of Nihon University, and Masami Himoto (61), a former director of the major medical corporation "Kinshukai" headquartered in Osaka, are from Itabashi Hospital, Nihon University School of Medicine. It is suspected that the university has caused damage to the university by leaking more than 200 million yen from the university to the medical corporation over the rebuilding work last year.

In this case, it is known that after the outflow of funds, it is suspected that 66 million yen was remitted from the medical corporation side to the company that former director Inoguchi sold to an acquaintance just before.

Regarding this remittance, it was newly found by interviewing the people concerned that there was a suspicion that the former director prepared the documents of the advisory contract for real estate transactions that did not exist and pretended to be the payment based on this contract.

After that, the former director requested funding from an acquaintance, and it is suspected that he received 25 million yen in cash twice in March and June.

According to the people concerned, this acquaintance explained to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office that he could not refuse because he was strongly pressed by the former director to say, "Is it okay to lose my job?" ..

The Special Investigation Department is believed to be investigating the details of the situation, assuming that the former director pretended to have made a deal so that the de facto return of funds would not be discovered.

According to the people concerned, former director Inoguchi has denied any involvement in fraud.

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