The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a document on October 20, stating that on the 20th, two new cases of asymptomatic infections were reported in Xingtai, Hebei. The flow survey showed that they had been to the Summer Palace and Beijing West Railway Station.

  The track in Beijing is as follows:

  From 14:50-18:00 on October 17, the patient's family took a private car to visit the Summer Palace;

  At 10:00 on October 18th, enter from Exit A of Keyi Road Subway Station, take Metro Line 9 and get off at Beijing West Railway Station, walk to Beijing West Railway Station No. 24 ticket window to buy tickets, and then queue to enter the station;

  At 11:55 on October 18th, take the Z161 train No. 15 car (seats 107 and 108) to Xingtai.

  The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds citizens who have the same trajectory to take the initiative to report.

(Producing Wang Jiayi)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】

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