The agricultural community is not immune to sexism.

Céline, four other farmers and their designer friend have therefore decided to list these everyday discriminations in a comic strip:

Where is the boss?


For Céline, sexism is everyday: “The ordinary little sexism surrounds us in the way people talk.

For example, we are told: "Farms are passed down from father to son".

Everything is masculinized!

“All the anecdotes in the comic strip are true: sexist remarks, discrimination, undeclared work by the husband, domestic violence… The breeders have had enough.

Céline and her collaborators hope that this situation will evolve: “In France, there are already very few farmers, but among this small part, there is only a quarter who are women, declared farm managers. , with real status.

Celine presents her comic strip and her daily life in the video of our partner Brut. 

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