Report from Benin: How to protect nature and local populations in the Sitatunga Valley?

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A fisherman in Benin in a protected area, the Sitatunga Valley Community Nature Reserve in Benin © RFI / Raphaëlle Constant

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Emmanuelle Bastide

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Located about thirty kilometers from Cotonou, this protected area covers nearly 67,000 hectares, includes 11 districts and is managed by and for the communities.


This initiative of

the Regional Center for Research and Education for Integrated Development (CREDI NGO)

was created in 2005 with the idea of ​​partnering with the local population to find sustainable solutions to nature conservation and economic development of populations.  

Overhunting, fishing, depletion of forest resources, urbanization, population explosion or even global warming… This area is under multiple pressures.

So how to support and involve local elected officials and inhabitants of the territory for a sustainable and concerted management of their natural resources?

What solutions have been put in place, the changes in habits adopted but also the conflicts that this management can generate?

How does the government provide access to land so that people can protect it? 

A report by 

Raphaëlle Constant 

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