China News Service, October 21. According to the official Weibo news of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, between 0:00 and 24:00 on October 20, there were no new local confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections in Beijing; no new overseas imports Confirmed cases, suspected cases, and 1 newly imported asymptomatic infection.

  The Beijing Municipal Health Commission reminded that recently, many places have reported that tourists and close contacts from many provinces have tested positive for nucleic acid, and the transmission chain is wide. There are also confirmed cases imported from outside Beijing in Beijing.

Again, remind citizens and friends that normalizing epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed for a moment, and various prevention and control measures must be implemented for external defense input and internal defense rebound.

  Citizens and friends are not required to leave the country, do not gather, do not travel or travel to overseas and domestic medium- and high-risk areas, understand, cooperate and support medical personnel, transfer personnel, testing personnel, community workers, public security officers, volunteers and other front-line epidemics The work of prevention and control personnel.

It is necessary to continue to do a good job in personal protection, strictly implement the prevention and control requirements such as scientific wearing of masks and temperature test codes, and consciously maintain good hygiene habits such as frequent hand washing, frequent ventilation, less gathering, and "one-meter noodle".

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