For the first time, Jamie Lee Curtis and his daughter Ruby have agreed to talk together about the young woman's transgender coming out.

At 25, Ruby told her parents last year "something they didn't know": if she was assigned the male gender at birth, she is female.

In a cross interview for


, the



opened up about her apprehension about this situation.

“I have to learn new terminology and new words.

I am new to the subject.

I am not someone who claims to know about it.

And I'm going to mess it up, I'm going to make mistakes.

But I would like to try to avoid making big mistakes.

So I slow down a bit when I speak.

We become a little more attentive to what we say.

The way we say it.

You can always make mistakes, I made two today.

We are human, ”she said.

To support

In the interview, Jamie Lee Curtis specifies that she does not want to force anyone to have the same apprehension of this kind of situation.

But she just wants to talk about her family's experience without having to go into hiding.

“I'm here to support Ruby.

It's my job.

Just like caring for, loving and supporting her big sister Annie on her journey.

I am a grateful student.

I learn so much from Ruby.

The conversation is in progress.

But I want to know: how can I do better?

She asks herself.

To which his daughter answers him tit for tat: "You do the maximum, and that's all I want."

Helping others is something everyone should be doing.

I don't think it's just a family affair.

It should be a matter of humanity, ”she concluded.


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