• Storm Aurora caused a lot of damage, especially in Brittany.

  • This Thursday morning, many homes are still without electricity, and the rail network is disrupted.

The wind blew strong during this night from Wednesday to Thursday.

Thus causing multiple material damage, especially in Brittany, where the scars of the Aurora storm were visible in the early morning hours.

In the Breton region as in the Pays-de-la-Loire region, firefighters have been called on numerous occasions during the night, for fallen trees or cut electric wires.

Example in Loire-Atlantique where firefighters carried out 94 interventions from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., for a total of 117 firefighters mobilized.

Mini-tornadoes in Brittany

In Brittany, the wind blew up to 140 km / h on the point.

Three mini-tornadoes were recorded in Plozévet and Riec-sur-Bélon in Finistère, as well as in Kernascléden in Morbihan.

In Plozévet, a house under construction was completely destroyed by the passage of this mini-tornado.

In Landerneau (Finistère), some stores caught the water at high tide.

In Morbihan, the prefecture counted 100 interventions by firefighters between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., especially for falling trees on the roads.

There were also 54 in the Côtes d'Armor department and 82 in Ille-et-Vilaine.

Disrupted networks

This Thursday morning, train traffic is still disrupted, especially because of the trees that may have fallen on the railway tracks.

This is the case in Brittany as well as in Pays-de-la-Loire.

🟠 The #TempeteAurore left trees and branches on the tracks, but the @ TERPays2LaLoire teams are mobilized.

Disturbances are underway on the various lines in the region.

I am available to guide you in your travels.


- TER Pays de la Loire (@ TERPays2LaLoire) October 21, 2021

Storm Aurora also has consequences on the electricity grid.

Indeed, 4,500 households are deprived of electricity on Thursday, including 2,500 Ille-et-Vilaine, 3,500 in the Côtes d'Armor, 4,500 for Morbihan and 4,000 in Finistère.

"After interventions during the night, the diagnoses are in progress: more than 1,000 people are mobilized", indicates Enedis in Brittany.


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