"Asterix is ​​a comic strip that manages to make fun of people without hurting them"

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The writer Jean-Yves Ferri during the presentation of the new album “Astérix et le Griffon” at the Hachette Livre editions.

It is the fifth album of the tandem Didier Conrad in the drawing and Jean-Yves Ferri in the scenario.


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Asterix and the Griffon

is the title of the last album in the series of iconic comics which will be released this Thursday, October 21 in bookstores.

This is the 39th opus of the adventures of the Gaul, 5ᵉ signed by Didier Conrad and Jean-Yves Ferri, the duo that succeeded Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny.

The comic has been printed in 5 million copies and translated into 17 languages.

Didier Pasamonik, editorial director of the ActuaBD site explains the success of the saga.

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