• A viral video has been circulating on social networks for several days.

    The one who presents herself as a nurse ensures that laid-off caregivers do not receive a salary, and can not work elsewhere.

  • Several thousand caregivers have been suspended since the entry into force of the compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus on October 15.

  • These agents have, in most cases, the authorization to work, specifies the Ministry of Health at 

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“The nurses at the hospital are being laid off without pay, they are not being fired. They do not have the right to find a job elsewhere. But they do not receive their salary and they do not have the right to claim aid. "In a video that has been circulating for a few days on social networks, an opponent of vaccination who presents herself as a liberal nurse denounces the situation of suspended caregivers," forced to no longer be able to work ". Since September 15, health personnel have been required to be vaccinated for the first time. And since October 15, all must have a complete vaccination schedule. Without it, they are effectively laid off. Today, the state identifies 0.6% of unvaccinated.

Non-vax caregivers are laid off: therefore no income, no aid and no right to work elsewhere.

The Liberals are closing their businesses.

Patients will no longer have their care, but who asks the question of how are these 300,000 caregivers?

Support them!

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- Kler Éclaire (@Kler_Eclair) October 19, 2021

In the comments, many liberal caregivers testify to their obligation to go out of business.

But some Internet users do not sympathize: “You just have to go get vaccinated like the majority of French people.

"" If they really wanted to work they would already be vaccinated, I don't pity them.


What are the actual rights of laid-off nursing staff? 

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"Agents banned from exercising for lack of vaccination obligation and suspended in application of the law of August 5, 2021 may exercise another activity than the job for which they are suspended.

In this specific case, the exercise of this other activity does not require an authorization to accumulate activity, ”says the Ministry of Health at

20 Minutes


First of all, there is the case of civil servants, employees of the hospital civil service.

“As soon as they are suspended, they can work elsewhere,” explains Jérôme Campestrini to

20 Minutes


And the lawyer, who defends suspended caregivers, to illustrate: “Some of my clients are currently cashiers.

The Ministry of Health explains that the agent "nevertheless remains linked to the public service and therefore remains subject to his obligations".

Then there is the case of caregivers in the private sector, who represent 22.9% of the total workforce, according to the Dress.

“It depends on their contract, and the exclusivity clause.

It could effectively prevent an employee from finding another job, ”explains Caroline André-Hesse, lawyer.

A “very rare” clause, according to Jérôme Campestrini.


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Compulsory vaccination for caregivers: 3,000 or 300,000 professionals suspended?

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