The town of Chatou, in the Yvelines, is located about fifteen kilometers from Paris.

Every day, 45,000 vehicles cross it, 80% of which go to the capital.

The mayor, Eric Dumoulin, exasperated by the dangerous behavior of certain motorists who "multiply", wished to put a turn of the screw, according to 

Le Parisien


Some people in a hurry choose to pass on this secondary axis in order to save time on their journey, estimates the mayor.

He noted the increasingly frequent non-compliance with stops at stops and red lights, as well as excessive speeding and violations of the Highway Code in shambles.

Not "just any old way"

To put an end to it, "an offensive through a campaign of checks and verbalizations" was launched.

At the beginning of October, the municipal police officers drew up 453 reports.

The video-verbalization made it possible to draw up 250 fines.

It all happened in just ten days.

The first city councilor now wishes to systematize these controls throughout the municipality.

"I want it to be known that we cannot cross Chatou under any conditions, anyhow," he said.

Cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles: all road users are in the mayor's sights.


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