On October 19th, the first Guangxi Skills Competition was held in Liuzhou City. There were 26 competitions in total, including the production competition of Liuzhou snail noodles and Guilin rice noodles with Guangxi characteristics.

As a well-known snack in Guangxi, Liuzhou snail noodles have become a popular Internet celebrity food in the world.

The contestants intensively matched the snail noodle making project at the scene of the competition.

From the selection of snails, pork bones, rice noodles and garnishes to the initial processing, cutting, heat processing, and seasoning, the contestants have always been technical and scientific.

The Guilin rice noodle contestants used knives, using cooking techniques such as frying, frying, marinating, and boiling, and controlled the unique heat to complete the production of Guilin rice noodles within the specified time.

It reflects the players' level of awareness of raw materials and the skillful use of cooking skills.

It is understood that the event is currently held in Guangxi, a comprehensive regional vocational skills competition with the highest specifications, the most projects, the largest scale and the highest level.

(Wang Yizhao)

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]

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