How can speaking help us get better and heal?

How can speech help us get better & heal?

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Whatever the culture and tradition of care, speaking is at the heart of the relationship between the person who suffers and the listener.

At the doctor, speaking helps to investigate and question the patient to better understand his symptoms and explain the treatment.

With the therapist, it also offers the possibility of saying everything, in a framework of confidence and security, without judgment.


In any case, speaking is more than sharing information;

it helps to free oneself, to detach oneself from certain sufferings.

How does the word act to do us good?

What are the necessary conditions for speech to be free?

With :

  • Dr

    Adrian Chaboche,

    former head of university clinic, psychotherapist, practitioner attached to the Pain Treatment Center at Ambroise Paré Hospital in Boulogne-Billancourt, university lecturer and coordinator of the DU in hypnosis and pain at the University of Versailles and co-founder of the Center Vitruve in Paris

  • Prof. Roger Sombié,

     gastroenterologist and hepatologist at Yalgado Ouédraogo hospital, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

  • Priscille Deborah

    , Bionic Artist in Albi.

    Author of " 

    Une vie à inventer",

     published by Albin Michel

  • Aminata Cissakho

    , works in the field of human resources in the Parisian suburbs

At the end of the program, we take stock of the discussion workshop devoted to obesity and stigma.

We talk about it with

Dr Vanessa Folope

, doctor in charge of the Bois Guillaume nutrition center and in charge and medical coordinator of the Haute-Normandie specialized obesity center.

(Waiting for confirmation)


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