China Weather Network News Today (October 19), the weather pattern in Beijing at first glance is not much different from yesterday. It is still a sunny day that "controls the field" and the sun is online.

But in fact, affected by the additional cold air, today’s temperature will drop slightly from yesterday. Friends should pay attention to keeping warm.

  Yesterday, Beijing Sunshine Online, the temperature also increased significantly compared with last weekend.

At 14:30 in the afternoon, the real-time temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory was 16.1℃, and the temperature in most parts of the urban area was around 16~17℃. With the blessing of sunlight, it was relatively warm in the afternoon.

  Today, Beijing is still mostly sunny, but the temperature will drop slightly from yesterday.

According to the forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 o'clock this morning, during the day, Beijing will be partly cloudy, with north-south winds of 2 to 3, with a maximum temperature of 13℃; at night, partly cloudy, with south-to-north winds of 1 to 2 and the lowest temperature. 1°C.

The temperature at work is 6~10℃, so keep warm when you travel.

  Tomorrow, the weather pattern in Beijing will be similar to today. The highest temperature in most areas will be around 14℃ and the lowest temperature will be 3℃.

In general, Beijing will be dominated by sunny days this week. The temperature during the day is generally stable and the temperature at night is low. Friends should pay attention to the cold and warmth when they leave early and return late at night.

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