A new wave of cold air arrives in Beijing, the lowest temperature tonight is only 1℃

  It is expected that there will be weak cold air activities in the middle of this week. This year, Beijing's winter time may be earlier.

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhao Tingting) A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Meteorological Observatory that a new wave of supplementary cold air arrived in Beijing last night. The northerly wind was tight overnight. Today, Beijing’s temperature will drop slightly, with a maximum temperature of 13℃ during the night. The minimum temperature in the Beijing Plain will drop to about 1°C, and citizens should take care to keep warm.

  Recently, Beijing, which was originally in late autumn, "feeled" the cold of winter ahead of time.

During the day on the 17th, the highest temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory was 15.8℃.

From the night of the 17th to the early morning of the 18th, the lowest temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory was 2.9°C, which can be said to be very chilling early in the morning.

With the departure of the cold wave, the City Meteorological Observatory lifted the blue cold wave warning at 10 o'clock yesterday. The highest temperature in the city rose to 16°C during the day, but the clouds became thicker in the afternoon, and the northerly wind gusts, the temperature of the citizens was even higher than 17 It will be colder today.

  Recently, the cold air seems to stage a "relay race."

The Yu Wei of the last cold wave is still there, and a new wave of cold air has quietly arrived in Beijing last night.

Although this wave of supplementary cold air is not as strong as the previous wave, and the degree of temperature reduction produced is not too large, but because the basic temperature of the city has been lower recently, once the temperature is reduced, it will be "cold up and cold", which makes people feel extraordinarily. obvious.

Affected by this, the frost line on the 19th will be pressed to the southern part of Beijing, and the chill will be pressing. The citizens must pay attention to cold and warm to prevent colds.

It is expected that during the day today, Beijing will turn from sunny to cloudy, north to south wind of second and third level, the highest temperature is 13℃, the lowest temperature in the plain area at night is about 1℃, and the lowest temperature in the mountainous area will drop to -2℃ to 0℃.

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that for most of this week, the weather in Beijing will be mostly sunny, with relatively stable temperatures as a whole, and low night temperatures. People should take care of cold weather when they leave early and return late at night.

It is expected that there will be weak cold air activity in the middle of this week. Given that the weather situation is still adjusting, citizens can pay attention to the approaching weather forecast.

According to meteorological standards, the average daily temperature for five consecutive days is stable below 10°C before it can be regarded as the official start of winter.

At present, Beijing has not yet reached the winter threshold. Beijing's winter entry date is October 30th. According to the current temperature trend, Beijing's winter entry time may be earlier this year.

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