[Simultaneous] Yang Hualuo tried his best to cry, and heard that the dragon crossed Wuxi.

I send my sorrow and the bright moon, and I will follow you until Yelangxi.

  [Explanation] Significant progress has been made in post-disaster reconstruction and resumption of school in Xinjiang County, Shanxi.

On October 18th, 29 elementary and middle schools in the county resumed classes simultaneously.

  [Concurrent] Ma Deming, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of Xinjiang County

  Our county was affected by the flood this time. Indirectly and directly, there were 30 schools that did not open.

As of this morning, with the efforts of all parties, we have 29 school students this morning, and they have all returned to normal classes.

  [Explanation] After the flood subsided, the post-disaster reconstruction work in Xinjiang County was fully rolled out, and returning to school was an important part of it.

  [Explanation] Some houses in Nanli Village, Gujiao Town, Xinjiang County have encountered floods before.

In order to resettle the affected villagers, Gujiao Middle School was set up as a temporary resettlement site.

  [Explanation] On the morning of October 18th, after more than 660 students in the first and second grades of Gujiao Middle School returned to school, under the guidance of the school teachers, they disinfected and cleaned their personal belongings again.

  [Concurrent] Yang Hailong, Principal of Gujiao Middle School

  On October 15th, in order to ensure the smooth return of students to school and resuming classes, our school carefully planned the various tasks for the beginning of school and formulated a detailed work plan, from contacting the CDC to conduct professional disinfection and disinfection of the entire campus, The cleaning and disinfection of the tableware for students does not neglect every link. Now all our students have returned to school smoothly and the teaching order is in order.

  [Explanation] For students whose families are affected by the disaster, Gujiao Middle School has previously arranged a dedicated person to investigate.

On the morning of the 18th, the relevant person in charge walked into the student dormitory to learn about the current situation of their families one by one, and encouraged the students to study at ease.

  [Concurrent] Nan Beili, a second-year student of Gujiao Middle School

  The people in my family told me that when I go to school, I should study hard. Don't let me think about it at home, just study hard.

  [Explanation] At 10 am on the 18th, Gujiao Middle School held a flag-raising ceremony.

  [Concurrent] Yang Hailong, Principal of Gujiao Middle School

  We are going to have a thorough understanding of the online teaching of the previous stage immediately after the school starts.

Then, according to the situation, we must adjust the teaching plan for the next stage in time to ensure that the children do their homework.

  Qu Lixia reports to Yuncheng, Shanxi

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