The Million Poet interviews tour kicks off in Abu Dhabi, amid wide participation

The jury of the Million Poet, in its tenth season, organized by the Abu Dhabi Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Programs Committee, began today to receive poets at Al Raha Beach Theater in Abu Dhabi, as part of the last leg of the poets interview tours for this season. The Abu Dhabi tour continues until tomorrow, Tuesday, October 19th.

The poets of the United Arab Emirates and many different nationalities flocked to seize the last opportunity to participate in the largest and largest competition in the history of Nabati poetry. The first day witnessed a great diversity of poets in addition to the excellence in attendance by the poets who attended strongly and in a competitive and distinctive manner.

The jury of the program confirmed that the Abu Dhabi tour was distinguished by the presence of the poets and their face-to-face interviews, as the poetry audience was accustomed to in the past, as these interviews have a kind of intimacy and the nature of the discussion is different, praising the modern technologies that served the program in previous tours.

The jury made it clear that there were participants who submitted strong contributions and great texts, and among the applicants on the first day were poets who declared that they are graduates of the academic study organized by the Poetry Academy in the Committee for the Management of Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Programs in Abu Dhabi, stressing that poets in Abu Dhabi will have a large imprint on the list cent in the next stage.

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