Speaking at a landmark meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Western sanctions are, among other things, a means of "undermining legitimate governments."

This is a kind of virus that attacks this or that country, which stands in the way of the economic or political interests of the West.

You don't have to go far: just look at Belarus, which the entire "progressive" world has piled on only because the authorities of this country did not give a chance to the forms of street and manipulated politics to make a coup and "democratize" the state to the current shameful and outwardly controlled format Ukraine. Therefore, all sorts of prospectors, well-wishers, began with special zeal to create chaos there by means of the same sanctions. For example, the European Union stamped sanctions against Belarus in packages. At the same time, the explanations were given very nice: they say, this is being done for the sake of the interests of the people. Yeah, trying to ruin the economy, trying to bring whole industries and leading enterprises to the handle are all for the good. The essence of all this demagoguery is very clear, as are the sanctions goals: to sweep away the unwanted regime and set up a puppet, following the example of the same Square.

This is black-and-white thinking: everything that is objectionable is declared the enemy of democracy and must be cleaned up.

What is “democracy” in this context?

Very simple: pleasing to the monopolists and usurped the right to interpret it.

Therefore, the punishment for wrongdoing is the creation of a territory of chaos by means of the same sanctions levers.

Similar attempts can be observed in relation to Russia, in whose economy they are trying to consistently beat with sanctions, and in the political plane they are trying to put it outside the law, using the rhetoric of outrageous Russophobia.

Everything follows the pattern: from Obama's dreams of our country's economy torn to shreds to Biden convincing himself that Russia is only "nuclear weapons and oil wells, nothing more."

All because they really want to see these shreds and emptiness, hence they create their own virtual propaganda reality.

Experience has shown that it is possible to resist this entire political pandemic through relying on one's own resources and forces, as well as through the formation of a community, integration processes. The same Belarus in the conditions of the sanctions attacks would have been especially hard if it were not for the shoulder of Russia. That is why Vladimir Putin called for solidarity, which is not only an antidote to chaos, but also a means of preserving sovereignty and one's own identity. According to the Russian leader, "such unfavorable external conditions, it seems to us, should further stimulate the strengthening of cooperation within our union."

Sanctions are a system of manipulation that is beyond legitimacy.

This is a banal arbitrariness, the goals of which have already been mentioned.

One of the main guarantees of the effectiveness of this manipulative system is, for example, the use of the dollar and the euro in settlements, because global instruments have long been a source of external dictate.

So the States themselves suggest a way out: the transition to national currencies, that is, the rate on the self-sufficiency of the community.

This also includes "the organization of import substitution, the development of advanced high-tech industries, providing the population with the necessary food", as the Russian president said.

Again, the transition of the EAEU countries to mutual settlements in national currencies can become an important competitive advantage and a guarantee of independence from the unpredictable, wayward and violent waters of the elements of world democracy.

At the summit, the Russian leader was also supported by Alexander Lukashenko, who noted that "excessive use of one or another foreign currency in calculations deprives us of competitive financial and economic advantages and threatens the security of our countries." I must say that those very prospectors of chaos understand the power of community, therefore they work to delimit it, to dismantle the spirit of unity in order to prevent integration processes. First of all, this concerns the territory of the former USSR, in relation to which the stake is placed on the consistent reformatting of the entire historically formed social and cultural space.

It should be noted that earlier in an interview with the American television channel CNBC, Putin just said that the United States with its sanctions policy undermines the dollar's position and confidence in it. As the Russian leader said, "The United States is making a very big mistake by using the dollar as a sanctions instrument," adding that "we are simply forced to switch to settlements in other currencies." So it turns out that for the sake of the political conjuncture "they are sawing the branch on which they are sitting." Being engaged in undermining legitimate governments and destabilizing the economies and political systems of other countries, they themselves turn all this against themselves.

By the way, back in the spring, the official representative of the Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, spoke on the same topic. Confidence in the United States is being lost due to unpredictable economic policies. The financial system itself is increasingly being used by Washington as a lever of pressure, sanctions punishment, and merges with the policy of tyranny. Therefore, Zakharova announced that our country is considering ways to reduce the share of the American currency in calculations.

This topic was raised a little earlier by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who noted that Russia is working out measures for "the gradual de-dollarization of national economies." It is clear that all these statements were aimed, among other things, at being heard. A kind of appeal to reason. But no one listens, takes into account and does not draw conclusions. Hence the further development of the plot to protect their own economy and the very de-dollarization that Putin proposed at the summit of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Russia has long warned of the inevitability of a response to the policy of sanctions, with which the Western world has already frankly played. Moreover, we are not talking about vindictiveness at all, but about forced reactions. Recall that the first reaction to the included pipeline of sanctions was the policy of import substitution. A logical adherence to the elimination of dangerous and unpredictable dependencies that make vulnerable - orientation to national currencies.

So it turns out that sanctions only create an illusion; in reality and in the long term, they begin to destroy the initiator, who himself turns into a territory of chaos, getting his own boomerang.

“The United States, with a confident gait, a confident gait, with a firm step, is walking right along the path of the Soviet Union,” the same Vladimir Putin said in the summer during a conversation with the heads of international news agencies.

As they say, do not dig a hole for another, he himself will tighten ...

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