【Explanation】Photos are a technical means of keeping memories.

Scrolling through the past photos is like turning through the "dust-covered" memories, and the past scenes emerge "in front of you" one by one.

But some old photos, because of poor preservation, gradually began to mottle, fade, become mutilated and incomplete.

This also gave birth to a profession that uses technology to repair photos.

  [Explanation] 30-year-old Su Jian is a photo restorer. When the reporter met him recently, he was repairing photos for guests.

Talking about the repair time, Su Jian told reporters that the repair time depends on the degree of damage to the photo.

  [Concurrent] Photo restoration engineer Su Jian

  Generally speaking, it takes between half an hour and six hours.

Facing an old photo, we need to see where it is dirty and the damaged part (we often need to) manually smooth out those dirty areas before handing it over to the software. To deal with.

For example, if the five sense organs are missing, we still need to deal with it manually.

If the (photo) itself is black and white or has no color, we may also need to manually fill in the color slowly.

  [Commentary] Su Jian once met a guest and missed the old man who had passed away very much.

However, the old man's photos were blurred due to poor preservation, so he was entrusted to repair them.

  [Concurrent] Photo restoration engineer Su Jian

  The fan came to me and said that he missed his grandma so much all of a sudden, (so) he wanted to make his grandma's photos clear and make her photos move.

After it was done, the fan was very moved. He said that after showing the restored photo to his father, his father hadn't cried for many years, and he cried suddenly today.

  [Explanation] After experiencing this incident, Su Jian believes that repairing old photos can bring him a sense of accomplishment.

Because every time an old photo is repaired, a customer can make up for a "missing" in his heart.

  [Concurrent] Photo restoration engineer Su Jian

  My biggest feeling is that the previous shooting equipment was very inadequate and backward, so the videos and photos of many relatives were not kept in perfect condition.

Now that we have this old photo repair technology and tools, we can make up for this regret to the greatest extent.

  [Explanation] Su Jian introduced to reporters that the most difficult photos to repair are old photos with severe damage. Because the facial features are damaged, they can only be repaired by imagination.

  [Concurrent] Photo restoration engineer Su Jian

  Therefore, some customers of our restored photos will feel that they are not very similar to their relatives. The biggest reason is that the photo is too blurry, or the damage is too high. Then we can't see the customer's relatives, so we can't repair it 100% (similarly).

  [Explanation] Repair photos for a long time and listen to the story behind the photos.

Su Jian also became more and more cherish the time spent with his family.

  [Concurrent] Photo restoration engineer Su Jian

  Every time I see the kind of photos sent by that fan, I think that people's life span is very limited, so I have to get along with them while they are there.

Don't wait until you lose it before you know how to cherish it.

  Chen Yanyou and Wei Jiaxiu report from Nanning, Guangxi

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]

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