• Jamie Lee Curtis confronts murderer Michael Myers again in "Halloween Kills", the second installment of the trilogy signed by David Gordon Green.

  • The actress tells 20 Minutes to stand up to him since 1978 without ever getting tired of him.

  • She is expected to say goodbye to him definitively in November 2022.

Jamie Lee Curtis faces Michael Myers again.

David Gordon Green's

Halloween Kills

allows him to find the inexpressive, indestructible and bloodthirsty killer who has been rotting his life since 

John Carpenter's

Night of the Masks

in 1978.

“The first time I saw this killer, he was played by Nick Castle, John Carpenter's best friend.

He had agreed to wear the mask for him, she tells

20 Minutes

, but he was the father of two little girls… I would like to say that he scared me, but it is not the case.

In this second installment of a new trilogy, the actress takes on the role of an aged Laurie Strode surrounded by her daughter (Judy Greer) and her granddaughter (Andi Matichak).

A female trio facing evil

“The saga has taken on a new dimension with this trio, insists Jamie Lee Curtis. They are strong women who end up putting their differences aside to ally themselves against Michael Myers. I find the idea that trauma can be transmitted from generation to generation interesting. It must be said that the killer is literally indestructible. He continues his killings with as much determination as at the beginning and slaughters everything that comes within his reach. "It's Evil against Good," insists the actress. It always seems to stimulate people. "

Apparently, Jamie Lee Curtis is still on the attack to face his best nemesis in all of


, past and to come.

If we ask her if she doesn't have enough, she cries out "No" with conviction!

However, she should be done with Michael Myers and his bladed weapons in November 2022 for the third installment of the saga.

Till next time ?

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"Halloween": Jamie Lee Curtis arms his character and defends the cause of women

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