A few days ago, the reporter came across a ferret in the Along Mountain Aoluguya Wetland Park in the Greater Xing'an Mountains, Inner Mongolia. Its fur is white and flawless, and its dark eyes are full of curiosity. It shuttles back and forth on the plank road in the park, standing upright and observing the environment from time to time. .

  It is understood that the ferret, also known as "Snow Sweeping" or "Snow Sweeping Snow Swallowing Mongoose", is shaped like a yellow ferret, with a slender body and short limbs. Its coat color changes with the seasons. The winter coat is pure white all over, with only the tail end black.

Ferrets live mostly in swamps, woodlands, farmland, and are distributed in Europe, northern North America, the Far East of Asia, and Russia, Japan, Northeast China and Northwest China.

(Zhang Wei Bao Wenjun produced Li Jiali video source Lin Hai Daily)

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]

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