Gunma University has decided to raise research funds through crowdfunding in order to promote the development of a small artificial heart that allows children living bedridden to go out.

This was revealed at a press conference by a research group such as Associate Professor Nobuyuki Kurita of Gunma University Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

According to the explanation, there are about 10 children in Japan who need heart transplantation due to heart failure, but the number of children's donors is small, and we have to wait about 4 years on average until transplantation, and we have also developed a small artificial heart. Is not progressing.

For this reason, many children are forced to live a bedridden life by using a large artificial heart installed outside the body.

For this reason, the research group has started to recruit some of the funds for basic research to develop a small artificial heart that can be used by children with the crowdfunding "READY FOR".

The goal is 7 million yen.

The research group aims to build a prototype in three years, undergo clinical trials, and be approved in about 10 years.

Associate Professor Kurita said, "We would like to strongly promote development through crowdfunding in order to improve the quality of life of children living in bed."

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