Gauthier Delomez 4:09 p.m., October 18, 2021

In the program "Culture Médias", the DJ Bob Sinclar presented his new single "DNA", realized with the Swedish singer Kee.

A title "a little italo-disco, sweet for autumn", the clip of which is entirely shot in the city of Paris at the time of the third confinement.

Bob Sinclar does not stop shaking the decks. After releasing the track

We could be dancing

last May, the French DJ presents his new single, 


, produced in duet with Swedish singer Kee. A title "a little italo-disco, fresh, a little sweeter for the fall", explains the DJ, who looks back on the origin of this first collaboration with the artist in the program

Culture Médias


"Kee is a Swedish singer who normally works in the shadows because she produces melodies and lyrics for American singers, and her name does not appear," said Bob Sinclar on Europe 1, who continued: "She m 'sent the sequel to

We could be dancing

, a capella. And she said to me:' If you produce it the same way, it might do something for this winter. 'I said I liked it , so I did it in the same spirit ".

Paris empty, "it was so surreal and beautiful at the same time"

The clip of the single was shot in Paris, during the third confinement in April 2021, with a "vintage" Rolls-Royce would like to clarify the DJ.

“I shot the images before I even made the music. I thought this is a fantastic opportunity. So I asked for the permissions, of course, to be able to shoot in a completely empty Paris. was so surreal, but beautiful at the same time, ”says Bob Sinclar.


- Bob Sinclar: "I'm nostalgic for the party without a phone"

The title DNA is made to be broadcast, confirms the DJ, who notes "again a big cleavage between what is played in club and what is played on the radio". The artist emphasizes the need to develop these "two styles". "I did a lot of club hits that became radio hits. But today I think there are two sides. You still have to do a few songs for the radio to exist as an artist. ", he exposes.

Bob Sinclar never makes a new title on his own.

"I work with Kee, who does the melody and the lyrics. I also have musicians who work with me, and I do all the production behind, all the arrangements."

And the DJ evokes his beginnings: "I am not a musician by training since I started by 'recycling' with hip hop, everything that is sampling from the 60s, 70s, 80s, recycling sounds. I join the musicians to finish my music ".

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