[Explanation] On October 18, 2021, a memorial service for the famous dancer and film and television performing artist Zhou Jie was held in Shanghai.

  Zhou Jie, who has played many classic roles such as Concubine Yang and Li Fei, is also known as the "Oriental Beauty God".

She lived in Houston, USA, fighting lung cancer for five years. Before her death, she was accompanied by her husband on a chartered plane and returned to Shanghai, China on September 26. She died in isolation at Pudong Hospital on the evening of October 1, at the age of 60.

  Zhou Jie is a native of Shanghai. She is also a dance artist with profound skills and excellent skills cultivated by the Shanghai Opera House.

In the Shanghai dance industry, she stands alone; in the Shanghai film industry, she and other stars such as Chen Chong and Zhang Yu are side by side and contending with each other, shining together with the unique light of Shanghai women.

  Director Wang Guoping, who directed the filming of "Qing Qing Dancer Zhou Jie" documentary and Shanghai Zhou Jie Dance Art School promotional video for Zhou Jie, has been Zhou Jie's best friend for more than 30 years.

As early as in the 1980s when Zhou Jie acted as the protagonist of a dance drama at the Shanghai Opera House, the two had met and had interactive cooperation in many aspects, including film and television shooting.

Wang Guoping revealed that Zhou Jie has a special affection for Shanghai, and has always been very active and enthusiastic about invitations for charity performances related to his hometown.

  [Concurrent] Director Wang Guoping

  At the beginning of the 21st century, when shooting a travel MV in Shanghai, I also invited her to participate in the benefit performance. She was also very dedicated.

She goes all out to support everything in Shanghai, so I think Zhou Jie is the pride and glory of Shanghai, and she adds luster to Shanghai.

  [Commentary] Wang Guoping said that Zhou Jie’s contribution to Shanghai’s dance art and Chinese film and television art is tremendous. Many of the artistic images she has portrayed are symbols of the era, and her cross-border achievements in dance and film are also difficult for ordinary artists. Transgressive.

  [Concurrent] Director Wang Guoping

  I think Zhou Jie's life is relatively short, but she has lived a wonderful life and wrote a legend. Her success and achievements cannot be copied.

Her 60-year career is an extraordinary artistic life.

Zhou Jie's life is a life dedicated to dance. She is the wizard of dance and the "God of Oriental Beauty". We will miss her forever.

The dances and screen and screen images she created will forever be engraved on the hearts of Chinese audiences.

  [Commentary] Zhou Jie was born in Fengxian, Shanghai in 1961.

In 1974, Zhou Jie was recruited into the Shanghai Opera House. Since the age of 15, she has played the leading actress in national dance dramas such as "Ban Ping Shan" and "Small Sword Society".

In 1983, she became a blockbuster by starring in the movie "Burning Old Summer Palace" and "Changing the Curtain".

In 1992, Zhou Jie was hailed as the "Most Beautiful Concubine Yang" for starring in the movie "Princess Yang" directed by Chen Jialin.

After that, she starred in many film and television dramas with different themes, such as partnering with Leslie Cheung, starring in the film "The Wind Moon" directed by Chen Kaige, etc. She was often seen in CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

  Reporter Xu Yinkang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

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