A wife caught her husband red-handed with another and hit them with slippers.. Video

Her husband-in-law was caught red-handed with another woman at a gym in Bhopal district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

A video clip of the incident spread on social media showed that the wife beat her husband and another woman suspected that the latter was having an affair with her husband.

In the video, the 30-year-old woman arrived with her sister at the gym where her husband was working out in the presence of his girlfriend and others.

It seems that the wife followed her husband because she had been suspicious of him for a long time.

And when she got to the gym, she accused her husband of having an affair with the girl.

However, the husband denied his wife's allegations and began abusing her.

Soon, the verbal altercation turned into a physical assault when the wife started hitting the other woman with slippers.

When the husband tried to intervene, she pulled his hair and hit him with shoes as well.

The incident happened last Friday and the mutual cases were raised on Sunday after the video went viral.

“The woman suspected her husband of having an affair with this woman in the gym. She started hitting the latter with shoes while others, including the man, tried to stop her. The whole fight lasted for 10 minutes.

Police chief Anil Bajpai said the woman and her husband filed complaints against each other on Sunday.

The husband denied his wife's allegations and claimed that he did not even know the woman described as his alleged girlfriend.

Meanwhile, cases were registered under the Indian Penal Code (voluntary causing harm), (indecent act) and (criminal intimidation).

It is worth noting that the woman had earlier filed a harassment and dowry lawsuit against her husband at the Shah Jahanabad police station, and since then the wife has been living with her parents, and judicial notices are sent to the couple for questioning.

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