“Crying Room” .. a project in Spain to get rid of the stigma of psychological problems

 A sign hanging on a room in Spain calls on everyone who enters it to unleash their tears. It reads, “Come in and weep,” while another reads, “I also suffer from anxiety.”

 In one corner of that room are phones and a list of people, including psychiatrists, that you can call and talk to if you're feeling down.

 Anyone can come to the "crying room", which is located in a building in the heart of Madrid. The project aims to get rid of the social stigma associated with psychological distress, crying and seeking help.

 "It's a really great idea to tackle mental health issues," said John Nilsom, a Swedish student who lives in the Spanish capital. It is a shame to cry in Spain, as it is in many countries.”

 The idea stemmed from a phrase that Spaniards say if they don't want to hear a problem: "Go and cry in the crying room," says Martina Dlovinevska, Marketing Director of Therapy Chat, adding that if you need help, you can now ask.

 On the walls there are phrases such as “60 percent of Spaniards have not considered going to a psychiatrist” and “crying for the brave,” and on one of the mirrors the phrase “I want to look good on the inside.”

 As for Alessandro de Sarrio, CEO, he described the company as a digital platform for psychiatry via the Internet, working to connect those who need psychological help with hundreds of specialists who were selected by the company's team. You can be directed to the most appropriate specialist for your problem, whether it is anxiety, depression, problems with your partner or others related to self-esteem.

 A week ago, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced the launch of a 100 million euro ($116 million) mental health campaign, including services including a 24-hour suicide hotline, and

 according to government data, 3,671 people committed suicide in Spain in 2019. Suicide becomes the second most common cause of death after death from natural causes, and one in ten adults suffers from a psychological problem, while 5.8 percent of the population of the Kingdom suffers from anxiety.

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