In the early morning of October 17th, a rime landscape appeared in the Huangshan Scenic Area of ​​Anhui. Huangshan pine was wrapped in rime, and the pine needles were crystal clear. Against the blue sky and white clouds, the ice crystals were sparkling.

The temperature dropped sharply that day, coupled with the high humidity of the fog, and the water vapor attached to trees and other objects, it would be frozen into rime.

  As the thick fog receded in the morning, a large area of ​​sea of ​​clouds appeared in Huangshan that day. The paved sea of ​​clouds surged under the blue sky and white clouds, attracting tourists to take pictures.

According to meteorological information, the probability of the sea of ​​clouds in Huangshan Mountain was as high as 60% on that day.

(Liu Hao and Hou Yan produced Sui Zhiyuan)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】